Smartlife Care

Peace of Mind Monitoring on Your Terms

Smartlife Care – Providing Peace of Mind, on Your Terms

Smartlife Care helps people to safely remain living independently in their own home for longer.

Smartlife Care helps nurses, residents and owners of retirement villages and other aged care facilities.

SmartLife Care runs on the Smartlife platform enabling the user to easily extend the system to control lighting, heating and entertainment system and to enjoy the benefits of smart security and other home automation innovations.

How Smartlife Care Helps

Independent Living

People are living longer and choosing to stay in their own home for as long as possible. As well as retaining independence this saves on costs but can cause concern for family and carers. Smartlife Care provides passive monitoring designed to alert when someone needs help without the occupant having to wear a device or press a panic button. Smartlife Care can also help elderly people to operate their entertainment and electrical equipment.

Peace Of Mind

Family and care providers cannot always be there to monitor the elderly. Smartlife Care passive monitoring is unobtrusive, retaining privacy and dignity, while providing peace of mind.

Cost Saving

Selling your home to fund the cost of an aged care facility is expensive. Smartlife Care allows you to live in your home and stay independent longer saving money.


Existing systems and hardware are limited in service offering and innovation. Smartlife Care hub and software can connect to the largest range of smart devices.


People want the choice to use their own devices such as wearables and phones. SmartLife Care hub and app can be tailored to connect to bespoke devices.

Easy to Use

The huge range of IoT and smart devices can cause confusion. Smartlife Care’s experience of integration, continuous product testing and innovation results in simple, easy to use technology.


People can find today’s range of entertainment options difficult to manage and control. Smartlife Care can provide user-friendly, integrated control.

Keeping In Touch

Family And Carers App enables group response and escalation path. Everyone in the group can see notifications simultaneously and response can be arranged accordingly. Through the App, users can view who has responded, what action has been taken, and they can in-App message each other during an event.

Living at Home Requirements

Research identified a need for passive non intrusive monitoring that informs family and carers. Elderly residents wanting to live at home longer require:

  • Non-intrusive monitoring – a system that will alert family/carers as quickly as possible when needed but does not intrude on privacy or rely on the older adult to remembering to wear a pendant or bracelet around the home.
  • Smartlife Friends and Carers App alerts the family and carers when there is an absence of normal activity – the family and carers can communicate through the App to each other to check in on the older adult and co-ordinate response to any activations or alerts. Notifications can be automatically escalated.
  • Options for monitoring when away from home – GPS trackers, vehicle trackers.
  • Options for making it easier to use the TV and to access modern entertainment systems such as Netflix, Ted Talks and other Internet based media.
  • Options for making it easier and safer to live in the home such as automatic lights, motorized blinds, automatically turning off / locking doors / adjusting heating and cooling.

Smartlife Care Upgrade Options

For those with mobility issues and/or wanting a better in home solution we can:

  • Provide lighting control so lights can be turned on/off from their chair/bed
  • Provide lighting control so lights can be turned on/off by sensors or when nurse call is activated
  • Provide access control with the ability to see who’s at the door and remotely let the visitor enter the room
  • Provide control of the TV, Audio and Sky via app
  • Provide integration to Amazon Alexa as a means to call for help and provide voice control for your lights, front door, music, TV etc

Entertainment Upgrade Options

Smartlife Care Hub can control the TV and optionally the SkyTV and Apple TV.

Say “Alexa, turn on MySky” or “Alexa, turn on Sky News”. Optionally use universal remote.

Auto off when you leave

Access Control Upgrade Options

Smart Lock can be unlocked by voice command, from pendant, or by friends and carers if no response. The system logs who unlocked the door and when. Auto lock at night.

Video Intercom is a safer way to screen visitors – it can also notify friends and family who can see video. Answer when away from home, friend, tradesperson or courier can be let in.

Garage door control – ensure closed at night, tradesperson or courier can be let in.

Lighting and Electrical Upgrade Options

Lights turn on from motion or when garage door opened, door unlocked, at dusk or by saying “Alexa turn on the kitchen lights”. Light control can be achieved by changing to smart bulb or the electrician installs a wireless module behind the switch and motion sensors.

Control blinds, drapes, heat pumps, electric blankets, oven, heaters, coffee machines, iron etc to help ensure nothing is left on when it shouldn’t be.
Easy control if mobility is impaired – from remote control or by voice control.


With a range of panic buttons and sensors, you can call for help or tailor the response to your needs.


Save money and stay independent for longer in your own home or care facility.


With a range of cameras, door locks, alarms and sensors you and your family can have peace of mind.


With a range of passive and active monitoring solutions we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Flexible Solutions

Our modular systems allow tailored solutions to meet your specific smart care requirements.


Stay connected to family, friends and carers with an easy to use app.


Insights and trends give the ability to provide customized proactive solutions.

Coming Soon

Automated medication reminders to make remembering easy, alert options provide proactive care.

About Smartlife Care

Smartlife Care is based on the Smartlife software platform. The team has over 10 years experience integrating the best of smart devices and monitoring systems in the home and commercial market.
Smartlife Care brings together a wealth of knowledge to deliver integrated monitoring, advanced nurse call, access control with other automation solutions.
Smartlife Care connects to the widest range of smart devices in the market. The software platform provides unique technologies to support elderly people and their families. It includes the world’s first cloud based Nurse call solution that connects to IoT devices.

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