Smartlife Care HomeStart supports independent living with a set of unobtrusive monitors and automated alerts. This easy-to-install, pre-configured kit gives both seniors and their families peace-of-mind knowing that an extra layer of monitoring is in place.



The time is right to harness the power of today’s technology to help those that are most vulnerable.

Today’s seniors want to maintain their independence for longer, and are looking to live in their own home for as long as possible. Along with their families, they are looking for solutions that will offer both independence and peace of mind.

Smartlife Care HomeStart is an easy-to-install starter kit that gives you everything you need to use today’s technology to power today’s independent lifestyle.


  • Retain your independence: The Smartlife Care HomeStart provides you with an added layer of confidence, allowing you to relax and enjoy your independence.
  • Peace-of-mind: You will be reassured knowing that help is only one push of a button away. Even if you can’t call for help yourself, the Smartlife Care HomeStart can make the call for you. Now that’s peace-of-mind.
  • Protect your privacy: The Smartlife Care HomeStart doesn’t intrude on your privacy with cameras, you can relax knowing that your privacy is protected.
  • Stay in touch: Communicate easily with family and caregivers through the chat function.
  • Call for help: The alert button immediately sends out notifications to everyone should you need help.
  • Easy to install: The Smartlife Care HomeStart is preconfigured. All you need to do is place each device where you want it and download and log into the Smartlife app

What does it do?

Default Setup


Motion Sensors:

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Emergency Button

Mobile App

What is Included

  • 1 X Key fob
  • 2 X PIR Motion Sensors
  • 1 X Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • 1 X Central Hub (to connect devices to the Internet)
  • Mobile App (no limitation on the number of users). First year subscription is included in the price, thereafter $120 per annum or $15/ month.
  • The kit configured, refer to user documentation for instructions on customising configurations


  1. Connect the Central Hub to your Internet router using the included Network cable. There are usually 4 or so plugs on the router and one on the Central Hub. Plug the USB cable into the hub and the other end into the Router or a USB power plug – the lights on the Central Hub should come on.
  2. Install the PIR motion detector in the kitchen (you can purchase additional sensors for other rooms if required)
  3. Install the temperature sensor somewhere out of the sun so it shows room temperature (you can purchase additional sensors if required)
  4. Give the Panic Pendant and the Keyfob to the older adult and provide instructions on how to use. The keyfob sets Away mode or At Home Mode. In Away mode the no activity messages are suppressed and the next time a motion detector is activated it will trigger as a “Burglar Alarm”. If this is a false alarm simply set it to “At Home” mode from the keyfob or App.
  5. Install the App on all the Carers smart phones and set up a Notification Group. The system will generate an alert at 9am if no motion, or if a Panic button is activated. You can chat with other Carers to decide who will make contact with the older adult and let everyone know through the App e.g. “Mums fine, slept in”.